Wednesday, April 18


We stayed with Ben's cousin Eileen for two weeks while her parents were in France & Switzerland. We had so much fun with her! Eileen is fourteen years old and she is absolutely hilarious and such a fun girl to hang out with.  We stayed at their beautiful home in Issaquah (about 30 minutes from where we live). 
Here are some highlights from our staycation!
Eileen's singing concert 
Eileen & her duet partner
She is crazy tall!!!
Eileen with Uncle Tom and Aunt Lisa (this was the night before they flew out)
driving around Issaquah

We took Eileen and some of her friends to the Hunger Games premier!

SO excited to see The Hunger Games

Eileen dressed like Catness
Eileen & I drove around and looked at pretty houses after school one day

I love Washington trees!! 

We found this really cool slide at a neighborhood playground--of course we had to get out and slide down it!!
Eileen at the top! 
Me at the top!

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