Wednesday, April 18


Now we are back in our apartment after being away for three straight weeks! (2 weeks in Issaquah & 1 week in Tennessee) 
It was actually really nice to get back! Our apartment is really cozy & homey now and our bed is the most comfortable bed ever. We always miss it when we're away! We left the house clean & tidy and turned off the heat for the entire three weeks (We're excited to see our electric bill from this month!)
So now we're just getting back in the swing of things & back to reality. 
Ben is working on some "fun" projects at the shop and I am back to work on my stack of applications. 
BUT we have two things we're really forward to!!
1.) We're back to training for our half marathon race(that's 13.1 miles if you didn't know).We're running the Rock N Roll Seattle Half Marathon on June 23rd, which is a little over two months away. As of now, we are not prepared but we're working on it! This will be Ben's first half marathon and my second. I'm not sure if Ben has set a goal for race day yet but my goal is to beat my last race time of 2 hours and 23 minutes. We had a really good three and a half mile run together yesterday (which was very encouraging!)--It was 48 degrees and raining! Ha! Needless to say, we were soaked but we had a ton of fun together! 

And the other thing we're really excited about is...

2.) Next month we celebrate our One Year Anniversary!!!! Isn't that crazy? Time really does fly by! We are so excited! God has blessed us tremendously with an amazing first year of marriage. I cannot wait to see what all He has in store for the next year! I am so thankful for grace & growth & love--three things my sweet Savior and my sweet husband have taught me lots about this first year. 
To celebrate our first year of marriage Ben & I are going up to Whistler in British Columbia, Canada. We have never been to Whistler but we've heard so many amazing things about it. It is only about a five hour drive from where we live in Washington & we hear that even the drive is breathtaking! We are staying for four nights at The PanPacific Resort & Spa in Whistler Village. Since May in still considered the "off-season" we got a really good deal for a five star resort! We are hoping to do some fun outdoor things while we're there like ziplining, the Peak-to-Peak gondola rides & some hiking. We're also is looking forward to having a spa day! (I got Ben hooked on our honeymoon!)
PanPacific Resort & Spa in Whistler 

Peak-to-Peak gondola rides! 

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  1. Great job on training for the half marathon!!
    I have always wanted to go to Whistler - so beautiful.
    Happy Anniversary (a little early:)