Friday, December 23

ohh la la.

My wonderful & charming husband recently surprised me with a romantic 3-day getaway to Ashville, North Carolina. He planned the whole getaway a couple months ago and had me block the dates out in my schedule. When we were going was all I knew. The rest was a surprise! (I absolutely love surprises---i have a great man.)
We stayed at the Doubletree Biltmore Hotel right in downtown Ashville, in a luxurious room. When we arrived at the hotel the lobby was decorated with beautiful festive Christmas decorations, two huge Christmas trees and a warm, cozy, crackling firplace. It was so wonderful & welcoming. I thought for sure this was my surprise but unbeknown to me, it was only part of my surprise. There was much more to it!

Ben planned lunch, a wine tasting and a candlelight tour  for us at the Blitmore Estate. We got to spend the whole afternoon at the gorgeous Estate (8,000 acres) and the weather couldn't of been any more perfect than it was that day. We toured the winery, the gardens, the farm and all the land on the estate. And then we had our candlelit tour of the Blitmore home that evening. The entire house was decked out with beautiful & eleborate Christmas trees and Christmas decorations and there were performers all throughtout the home singing Christmas Carols and playing instruments. It was so beautiful. Ben and I had a blast there!
The next day was a planned surprise, too!! Ben and I slept in late then got ready and went downtown for lunch. We went to a quaint, little French restaurant called Creperie Bouchon. The resturant is famous for their delicious crapes. It was yummy! At the restaurant Ben told me what my surprise for that evening was--- tickets for The Moscow Ballet's Nutcracker!! I was so excited. I had never seen The Nutcracker Ballet and had been wanting to see it for years. And even better, It was The Moscow Ballet's Nutcracker with a full Russian cast that was on tour in the United States. It was such a wonderful night!
I am so thankful for my wondeful husband for planning such a fun & romantic getaway filled with incredible memories of our first Christmas together!
the winery at the Biltmore

in the gardens

our hotel lobby 

our hotel lobby 

driving to The Nutcracker Ballet

Tuesday, December 6

catching up..

It's been a while since my last post. I've found it very difficult to upload photos & blog regularly while being out of town. I will work on that!

recap of last month includes...
1.) girls shopping weekend in pigeon forge 

2.) thanksgiving break in florida
turkey fry!

3.) tay(my baby brother) & kelly are engaged !!!!!!