Wednesday, October 12

hello world!

Yay for the beginning of blogging!
I've decided to begin blogging about the daily excitements, experiences & changes of my newly-married life, which, might I add, is completely wonderful! 
Since this is my very first post, I'll fill you in a little on some happenings of the past & get you up-to-date with the present!

the past
below is a timeline of recent BIG events of my life:
--->FEB 14th
we closed our 1st home together!
(but didn't move in till becoming Mr & Mrs)  
--->MAY 7th
college graduation!  
--->MAY 26th
the 1st time i kissed my groom
& our wedding day!  
--->SEPT 10th
trip out west for my hubs new job offer    
And in addition to those recent big events:
we have traveled to and/or through 11 different states ((florida,  georgia, s. carolina, n. carolina, tennessee, kentucky, virginia, washington dc, illinois, colorado, washington state)) & 2 different countries ((jamaica, use)), since being husband and wife
- my dear father-in-law was diagnosed with throat cancer and underwent cancer treatment & aggressive radiation at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX (and currently, by God's sweet grace, has NO TRACE of that evil cancer in his body) 

the present
the current headcount for nieces and nephews in our fertile family is beautiful, sweet, adorable nieces (ages 8,2,1,1) & 3 handsome, silly, studmuffin nephews (ages 11, 1, 6m)
- I have not started teaching just yet (I graduated with a B.A. in elem education) but I do look very forward to it! My absolute dream is to teach Kindergarten or First grade, hopefully next fall! I pray now that God is preparing twenty-or so crazy, adorable & enthusiastic preschoolers for my classroom, as well as praying for God to prepare me, too!  
-right now I am picking up hours at the shop doings odd jobs like filing and organizing, BUT mostly I am just a house wife, which I so so love. I have enjoyed trying to master baking & cooking for my husband, and have actually surprised myself and have done quite well! My preparation & process is a little slow but meals are successfully being cooked! The joy of baking and cooking is now inside me and this has become my new found hobby, which my husband doesn't seem to mind one bit! 
this weekend we (the whole Hedger side of the family) are going camping and biking through the Virginia Creeper trail! The trail stretches 34 miles through Southwestern Virginia and up to the NC state line. We will ride the trail for 3 days and camp at a campsite along the way for 2 nights. This will be my first tent camping experience, and thankfully i'll have my hubby to snuggle me & keep me safe! 
- come the 26th of this month, we will be celebrating five full months of wedded bliss! I am so thankful for my wonderful husband & how he loves me so sweetly. 
 and now for the big news...

We are officially moving 
2629 miles away from all my in-laws 
3112 miles away from all my family
(see map below)
A few weeks before our wedding Ben was offered a job change within the company that would require relocation if he accepted. After months of weighing out our options and praying specifically for God to lead us in this next step, we have finally made our decision! And, we are confident that this is what God wills for us, at least for this season in our life. Who knows what's next! 
SO, in January we will be moving from the good 'ole Southeast to the cold, rainy Northwest. Although we are sad to leave our family, Ben and I are both very excited to see what all the Lord has in store for us during this journey!