about me

I am a true, blue Floridian who fell in love with a Tennessee boy and followed him to the Rocky Top State.  And now, I find myself following him again, this time to the Pacific Northwest! 

After 5months of wedded bliss in our first home together in East Tennessee, we packed up & moved into my in-laws guest room, which is where we settle now until January when we embark for our cross-country move! We have had two lengthy trips out to the Pacific Northwest, and thus far we're totally in love with that part of the country. Besides the fact of moving thousands of miles away from everyone we currently know and love, Ben & I are beyond thrilled about this new crazy, exciting adventure of our life. We are ecstatic about exploring the Northwest & West coast of the United States, and also Canada (only 2hrs away!!). We can't wait to experience all it has to offer us, rain & all. We are confident that our Lord will be faithful to provide for our needs and bless us during this journey.
Anyways, here's a little bit more about me, personally...
Things I love (in no particular order):  Jesus, my sweet family & friends, my two brothers (and all my in-laws), cuddling with my hubby, reading, writing, painting my fingernails, ponytails, the outdoors, running, being organized, diy-ing and doing crafts, the holidays, being a housewife, cooking & baking, grande soy lattes, catching up with good friends, college memories, exploring new cities, paint colors and pretty fabrics, the farmer's market, kids, baggy sweat pants, the library, learning, books, being an Auntie, getting letters in the mail, a good workout, date nights, happy hours, deep conversations about life, trying new recipes, sleeping in & also waking up early, flying home to my family, and the beautiful journey of life