Tuesday, February 28

..missing him

So, i'm really struggling and need your prayers.. (Ben's traveling this week for business)
My house is too quiet without him.
My pantry & fridge are too full without him.
My days are too boring without him.
My bed is too big & too cold & too empty without him. 
Worst of all, my heart hurts too bad without him...
..can't get this sweet face out of my mind

Tuesday, February 21

yum yum yum!

On Sunday morning Ben & I discovered this absolutely incredible place -- Legendary Donuts!
I don't typically ever prefer donuts (i'm more of a candy person than cakes, cupcakes, or donuts) ohh, but these were so delicious!! also, i don't typically ever prefer chocolate (i'm pretty standard vanilla with sprinkles) ohh, but this morning i wanted chocolate. 
So, i indulged in the donut they call "Pig Pen"-- a glazed chocolate frosted donut topped with crushed oreo chucks & gummy worms-- it was unbelievable! Ben wasn't feeling quite as daring so he just stuck with his standard chocolate bar & glazed donut, which he absolutely enjoyed! 

what a yummy find!

Thursday, February 16

guess who's TWO today?

...this girl!!! 
My sweet niece, Phoenix Anne, turns two years old today. She is such a joy & delight. Her smile is radiant and her giggle is straight from her gut. I love this precious girl so much and would give the world to spend more time with her. 
Here's some shots of Phoenix from the beginning till now..
heather's baby shower

meeting the sweet girl

gerber baby photo

1st christmas!

she was walking by our wedding so she got to be a flower girl

flower girl

completely into wonder pets

sweet girl
 happy birthday, baby girl! 
aunt bri loves you so.

Tuesday, February 14

ohhh, sweet valentine!

Today we're celebrating our first married valentine's day! 
Ohhhhh, i just love Valentine's Day (& all holidays)! 
We opened our valentines this morning along with breakfast in bed before ben headed off to work. 
Great way to start this sweet day! 
We decided that tonight we would do the opposite of what everyone else will be doing-- we're gonna order take out and rent a movie. 
I like it better that way! 
my diy valentine decor!

Since we're celebrating this sweet day today, I thought I'd post some "Valentine-ish" photos! 
These photos are from an engagement session Ben & I did a couple years ago...they feature bright red balloons! 

go out & love on someone.
"We love because he first loved us." 
1 John 4:19

Friday, February 3

i guess we're serious...

Well, Ben & I are officially residents of Washington state...

We got our Driver's License  (i'll add ben's later)

And we signed up for The Rock N Roll Seattle Half Marathon !!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 1

the beauty of slow cooking!

I discovered how great my CrockPot is! Here is my first ever meal cooked in the CrockPot.

Wild Mushroom & Wild Rice Bisque! 

It turned out so soo yummy!!!!
Ben & I enjoyed it for days!

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Snow, lots & lots & lots of snow, came to visit us in seattle! It was really pretty & so much fun!

Then, there was a little break in the snow fall and the mover's were able to deliver our stuff!

And then, the snow began to fall some more!

we were watching cars get stuck and slip on the highway down below. very entertaining!