Wednesday, April 18

job hunting.

I have a love/hate relationship with job hunting right now.
the love part--- For as long as I cam remember I have dreamed about being a teacher one day and apart from being a wife & mommy(in the future!), there is nothing more that I feel the Lord has created and called me to do. I graduated from college last May with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education but I haven't had the opportunity to apply for teaching positions because we weren't sure exactly when we were moving to Washington. I am so excited about being a teacher and thrilled that I finally get the chance to apply at schools.
the hate part--- The applications are SOOOO LONG & they all have to be handwritten AND, I am a perfectionist, which is not always a weakness BUT WHEN IT COMES TO FILLING OUT TEACHING APPLICATIONS & WRITING ESSAYS IN MY BEST CURSIVE HANDWRITING WITH A BLACK INK PEN my perfectionism serves as a weakness.
I am currently applying to eight different Christian schools around the Seattle area.
Here's a glimpse of what I've been working on...

wish me luck!

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