Monday, April 30

boys & their toys!

Ben got a new toy this weekend.. & it's a pretty nice new toy! 

Ben has been wanting a motorcycle for a while now and he's always been very good at saving and spending money wisely (even way before I came along) so when he asked me what I thought, I said "sure!" (I think he looks hot on a motorcycle ;) )
Ben is very responsible and I know that he will be very careful driving his motorcycle as well as very assertive of the other people on the road with him so that was really the main reason I was okay with it. Plus, it's very fuel efficient! Ben's motorcycle gets 45 miles per gallon--his truck only gets 14! And I only get around 14-16 miles per gallon in my Explorer so we spend lots of money on gas alone (average gas price out here = $4.15 per gallon for regular unleaded
Also, I think it's fun & healthy to have hobbies! Ben lets me spend money on crafts and diy stuff all the time and since we won't be around to enjoy mom & dad's Mastercraft all summer long, I was excited for Ben to have a little replacement toy to keep him occupied and happy :) 
Looking all cute in his new motorcycle helmet!
According to Ben I am now the "greatest wife in the whole world"! 

Here's a video of Ben's first ride around the parking lot in our apartment complex!

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  1. Matt will be so jealous!he loves motorcycles, especially the kind with big handle bars. :) I have to admit, that is a really cool bike!