Wednesday, July 11

summer snow day!

Last weekend Ben & I finally got to visit Mount Rainier! 
We've been anxious to see it ever since our very first time flying into Seattle last September. 
Mount Rainier gives airplane passengers an extraordinary view while descending in to Seattle.
Mount Rainier is massive. (Actually, massive may even be an understatement)
 Check out our view of Mount Rainier from our home (an hour and a half drive) VS the view of Mount Rainier up close!
Needless to say, Mount Rainier is breathtaking!
Ben & I had so much fun hiking, running & playing in the snow! Best part was that it was 75 degrees out---we even got tan lines while playing in the snow!!! 
We only visited one of the five developed areas on Saturday, which is called Sunset, and spent three hours there. 
We purchased an annual pass and plan to go often. We can't wait to explore the other four areas. 
Some of the areas even have hotels you can stay at! 
Here's what we experienced at Sunset.
This picture was from the drive up to Mount Rainier National Park

This is the entrance to the Sunset side of the park

This is when we first spotted the snow. We were so excited to go play in it and, of course, the first thing Ben does is roll up a snow ball to throw at me!  
The snow felt especially good because we were really hot and sweating.
Watch (the pictures) as Ben slowly peels off layers of clothing! I kept mine on, of course ;)  

I don't think I was quite ready for the picture haha! 
so much snow!!!!!!!!!!

An ice skating rink! AKA a frozen lake!  

You might not really be able to tell from this photo, but we were seriously sweating so bad! The sun was so bright and even brighter reflecting off of the white snow...the Ranger compared it to an "easy bake oven"!
notice: layer #1 of Ben's clothing is off...

So at the top of this hill there is a really pretty view, however we were warned several times that if
we weren't wearing snowshoes (which we weren't) then the walk down the hill would be miserable and we
wouldn't be able to stay on our feet---Ben should have heeded the warnings!  
There he is! Pre-face plant into the snow!!!! I was laughing so hard but then...
that women in front of him slipped and fell really hard and I was so afraid that she thought I
was laughing at her & taking pictures of her! I felt awful! 

And his last layer is removed!
It really was very hot outside!

 The rest of the photos were taking with my phone but there were some good ones so I thought I'd add them. 

Again, I don't think I was quite ready for this shot either! Haha! It looks like an action shot while I was
rolling up my own snowball

I see why people often call Washington, God's Country