Friday, April 27

Fun in the sunshine at Alki Beach!

This past weekend was spent entirely outdoors! It was so much fun. We spent all day Saturday at Alki Beach on Puget Sound with Aubri, Joey & Tucker. It was such a beautiful day. We enjoyed walking up and down the beach with our toes in the sand, window shopping in all the cute stores, getting lattes at a local coffee shop, and people & dog watching! Everyone was out on Saturday, or so it seemed! The beach was really crowded and full of all sorts of activities. There were a ton of beach volleyball games going on, which we thought about joining in on but never did & lots of little naked babies (or babies with just a diaper on) running on the beach and rolling in the sand. It was hilarious and super cute! And, rollerblading is such a hit here! Who would have thought??! I love rollerblading and i've been trying to "bring it back" for years because it's so much fun and such a great workout. It's definitely popular here--even amongst 50+ year olds!! Ben thinks Alki Beach looks like something you would see in the movies! We also saw sea lions swimming & playing in the water. It was really cool to see! I tried to get some pictures but by the time I got my camera out they had already swam away. Maybe i'll catch them next time! 
Alki Beach (click on photo to enlarge!)

Ben & Joey enjoying the sunshine 

Space Needle & Commuter Ferry

We love Seattle!
Aubri, Joey & Tucker

View from a golf course (the rest of the photos are from my cell phone so they may be pixelated) 

Seattle & snow covered Olympics 

Haha not a very good picture of me! The sun out here is so bright!)

Skipping rocks on Puget Sound

Surf shop at Alki Beach

Fun day with fun friends! 

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