Monday, April 30

boys & their toys!

Ben got a new toy this weekend.. & it's a pretty nice new toy! 

Ben has been wanting a motorcycle for a while now and he's always been very good at saving and spending money wisely (even way before I came along) so when he asked me what I thought, I said "sure!" (I think he looks hot on a motorcycle ;) )
Ben is very responsible and I know that he will be very careful driving his motorcycle as well as very assertive of the other people on the road with him so that was really the main reason I was okay with it. Plus, it's very fuel efficient! Ben's motorcycle gets 45 miles per gallon--his truck only gets 14! And I only get around 14-16 miles per gallon in my Explorer so we spend lots of money on gas alone (average gas price out here = $4.15 per gallon for regular unleaded
Also, I think it's fun & healthy to have hobbies! Ben lets me spend money on crafts and diy stuff all the time and since we won't be around to enjoy mom & dad's Mastercraft all summer long, I was excited for Ben to have a little replacement toy to keep him occupied and happy :) 
Looking all cute in his new motorcycle helmet!
According to Ben I am now the "greatest wife in the whole world"! 

Here's a video of Ben's first ride around the parking lot in our apartment complex!

Friday, April 27

Another NIECE!!!

Tyler (my big brother) & Heather (my sister-in-law) are having a girl!!! 
We are all so excited! Girls are so much fun!
They first planned not find out the gender until birth, but changed their minds and I'm so glad! 
Our count for nieces & nephews is now 5-4 
Five nieces & four nephews!
Ty & Heather's "We're having a baby" announcement 
Ty & Heather's "It's a girl" announcement! 

Fun in the sunshine at Alki Beach!

This past weekend was spent entirely outdoors! It was so much fun. We spent all day Saturday at Alki Beach on Puget Sound with Aubri, Joey & Tucker. It was such a beautiful day. We enjoyed walking up and down the beach with our toes in the sand, window shopping in all the cute stores, getting lattes at a local coffee shop, and people & dog watching! Everyone was out on Saturday, or so it seemed! The beach was really crowded and full of all sorts of activities. There were a ton of beach volleyball games going on, which we thought about joining in on but never did & lots of little naked babies (or babies with just a diaper on) running on the beach and rolling in the sand. It was hilarious and super cute! And, rollerblading is such a hit here! Who would have thought??! I love rollerblading and i've been trying to "bring it back" for years because it's so much fun and such a great workout. It's definitely popular here--even amongst 50+ year olds!! Ben thinks Alki Beach looks like something you would see in the movies! We also saw sea lions swimming & playing in the water. It was really cool to see! I tried to get some pictures but by the time I got my camera out they had already swam away. Maybe i'll catch them next time! 
Alki Beach (click on photo to enlarge!)

Ben & Joey enjoying the sunshine 

Space Needle & Commuter Ferry

We love Seattle!
Aubri, Joey & Tucker

View from a golf course (the rest of the photos are from my cell phone so they may be pixelated) 

Seattle & snow covered Olympics 

Haha not a very good picture of me! The sun out here is so bright!)

Skipping rocks on Puget Sound

Surf shop at Alki Beach

Fun day with fun friends! 

Monday, April 23

Quick & Yummy!

I made a great discovery! 
A really simple, really quick, really yummy breakfast (Shannon, Ashley & Bethany-- I think you'll love this!) 
5 minute French Toast in the Microwave 
(I know the microwave is not the "safest" way to go, but every once in a while won't kill you)
2 slices of bread
1 T melted butter
1 egg
2 T milk
1 teaspoon cinnamon
few drops of vanilla 
Melt butter in a coffee mug. Swirl around to coat the inside of the mug. Add egg, milk, cinnamon, and vanilla & whisk together. Rip up bread into pieces & push down with a fork until bread is covered with liquid. Microwave on high for 1 1/2 minutes.
Remove from microwave. Add maple syrup and sprinkle with cinnamon. 
I made it! It was delicious! 

Wednesday, April 18


Now we are back in our apartment after being away for three straight weeks! (2 weeks in Issaquah & 1 week in Tennessee) 
It was actually really nice to get back! Our apartment is really cozy & homey now and our bed is the most comfortable bed ever. We always miss it when we're away! We left the house clean & tidy and turned off the heat for the entire three weeks (We're excited to see our electric bill from this month!)
So now we're just getting back in the swing of things & back to reality. 
Ben is working on some "fun" projects at the shop and I am back to work on my stack of applications. 
BUT we have two things we're really forward to!!
1.) We're back to training for our half marathon race(that's 13.1 miles if you didn't know).We're running the Rock N Roll Seattle Half Marathon on June 23rd, which is a little over two months away. As of now, we are not prepared but we're working on it! This will be Ben's first half marathon and my second. I'm not sure if Ben has set a goal for race day yet but my goal is to beat my last race time of 2 hours and 23 minutes. We had a really good three and a half mile run together yesterday (which was very encouraging!)--It was 48 degrees and raining! Ha! Needless to say, we were soaked but we had a ton of fun together! 

And the other thing we're really excited about is...

2.) Next month we celebrate our One Year Anniversary!!!! Isn't that crazy? Time really does fly by! We are so excited! God has blessed us tremendously with an amazing first year of marriage. I cannot wait to see what all He has in store for the next year! I am so thankful for grace & growth & love--three things my sweet Savior and my sweet husband have taught me lots about this first year. 
To celebrate our first year of marriage Ben & I are going up to Whistler in British Columbia, Canada. We have never been to Whistler but we've heard so many amazing things about it. It is only about a five hour drive from where we live in Washington & we hear that even the drive is breathtaking! We are staying for four nights at The PanPacific Resort & Spa in Whistler Village. Since May in still considered the "off-season" we got a really good deal for a five star resort! We are hoping to do some fun outdoor things while we're there like ziplining, the Peak-to-Peak gondola rides & some hiking. We're also is looking forward to having a spa day! (I got Ben hooked on our honeymoon!)
PanPacific Resort & Spa in Whistler 

Peak-to-Peak gondola rides! 

easter in tennessee

We spent Easter (+ the week after) in Knoxville, Tennessee! It was such a fun time. We are so thankful that we were able to go home! Ben had to go down to TN for business so my sweet father-in-law paid for my flight so I could come along, too! (Note: My father-in-law is SO loving and SO kind. He continues to amaze me by his generosity and his willingness to give. I am so thankful for him. He is such a great example of Christ-like love)
It was really great to see our family again and to play in the beautiful, warm(er) Tennessee sunshine! We had a full week of fun & fellowship. Ben & Laurel drove up from Chattanooga to spend Easter Sunday with us & they came for a sleepover later during the week, too! We had family corn hole tournaments on Easter & an easter egg hunt for the little ones. Libby & Annie also dyed easter eggs! We made homemade Strawberry Jam one day from a whole bunch of yummy organic strawberries Shannon bought from a friend. We got to visit with Uncle John, Aunt Donna & Nana when they stopped by on their way to the cabin in North Carolina. We went to Sam's soccer game one evening. And, we went line dancing at Cotton Eyed Joe's one night! Our trip was so much fun. I wish we could have somehow seen my family as well but we will get to soon! They were deeply missed, though! 
Corn hole game!
Laurel & I --I've missed her sooo much!!!
Annie was posing for me

TyTy driving!
Sweet moment with Hudson & Aunt Boo
Pretty girls--Libby & Shannon!
egg hunt! 

John & Ben (Ben rolled his jeans up because he was hot--this is not a style!)

This picture cracks me up! Hudson arrived with no pants on! Haha

Ben & Laurel! 
Our first Easter married! 
ohhh, boys!

Cousins watching a movie while adults made strawberry jam!

Sam plays soccer now! 

Sam's game was so much fun!

Yummy Jam!