Monday, September 10

Mt. Baker & The Olympics!

These pictures are a little old, but never too old to post! 
Ben and I went to Canada a few weeks ago and on our way home we stayed a few nights in Bellingham, Washington and got to visit Mt. Baker National Park. 
Mt. Baker National Park is another one of Washington's amazing state parks and is definitely a must-see! 

This is how high the snow was before they plowed 

This is a really pretty waterfall at the foot of the mountain

While Peter, Bethany & Hudson were in town we took a trip out to the Olympic mountains.
We got to play in the rainforest in the Olympics and also visit our first west coast beach! The sights were incredible.
We took the ferry from Seattle to Bremerton and then drove to the Olympics from there

This was our first ferry ride in Seattle! We got to drive our car on the ferry

These pictures don't do it justice... It was a "gray day" inWashington

8 hours in the car sandwiched between these two cuties!

With these two cuties as our drivers! 

This tree was massive!!! It is 400 years old 

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