Tuesday, August 14

home sweet home

We were blessed with a fun opportunity to go home & visit for a couple weeks. 
Ben had a business trip planned in Indiana & we were able to tag a vacation onto the end of it.
Our travel itineraries were a little crazy but it ended up working out just perfectly. 
Ben flew to Indiana and met Peter there for work...from there they flew to Florida and stayed with my family for a few days. In the meantime I was in Seattle then flew to Knoxville to start my vaca & Ben and Peter flew in a couple days later. I got to stay for a week in Tennessee & then got to visit my family  in Florida for a week. It was a great vacation with a ton of awesome memories made!

Before I left town I stocked up the pantry and fridge because Ben would be coming home by himself for 8 days before I get back...
I tried freezer meals for the first time & Ben said they were awesome!
I bought fresh produce & prepared a couple easy meals and just threw them in a large ziplock and put them in the freezer. All Ben had to do was take them out and empty the contents into the crockpot and cook as directed on the bag!
 I will definitely do this again! 
Teriyaki Chicken (with rice on the side)
Sausage & Peppers (with large pasta noodles on the side)
The view from my airplane window flying into Denver, CO.

In Tennessee:

The guys found a fun rope swing!

Notice the socks on Hudson! Ha! The ground was so hot and he kept saying "hot! hot!"
I looked all over for his shoes but couldn't find them so I just put some of NiNi's socks on him! 

Ash surfing at 8 months pregnant!!!!!!!

Family Photos!

Ben was soo happy to hang with Seann!

These two! 

Sisters!! (minus Shannon & Nicole)
PS- Look at that baby bump! :)
Brothers chowing down!
Laurel & Ben came to see us! 
Sweet TyTy at the YMCA!
Ben strikes a pose!

Ash & Annie
Videos of the guys playing rough on the jet skis

In Florida:

I had the privilege of throwing my sweet sister-in-law to be a bridal shower while I was home, along with Heather (my other sweet sister-in-law!).
It was such a fun time. I felt honored to throw the shower for Kelly.
Kelly & Taylor are getting married November 3rd.
She is such blessing to our family and I could not be any happier for the two of them.
My brother is one lucky man to score her!
These were the invites I made for Kelly's shower. 
Along with the cute envelopes with K&T stamped on them 

I struggled for a while coming up with creative games for Kelly's shower
then I had this idea which is completely Kelly!
We also asked guests to come up with fun date nights for the couple 
Kelly's cute cake!

Me, My Momma, Erica (Kelly's sister), Kelly, Kelly's Momma & Heather (Plus baby Matix in her belly!) 

Phoenix is such doll!
She has the best personality!! She just cracks me up!
My baby brother came up & his blushing bride to be was soo excited to show him all their new gifts!
Heather made this adorable tree for Kelly's shower!
We had guests write marriage advice and/or marriage wishes Kelly & Taylor on the tags hanging on the tree. 
Heather also painted the sweet canvas with K&T's wedding date

Alex riding her bike in the neighborhood

Ethan caught a fish!
And so did Alex!

Ethan got a new hamster for his birthday (a dwarf hamster) and named her Bella.
Phoenix quickly became obsessed with Bella! (Bella is in the blue hamster ball) 

Diving for coins!
I threw a bunch of pennies in the pool and Ethan and Alex raced to see who could get the most

Tay got a new job working for Quicksilver. Check out his new ride!
The beach!

Mom & Dad relaxing in the sunshine 
I was missing my hubby so badly!

A got to watch a Florida storm roll in!
Washington gets a lot of rain but no thunder or lightening---just rain!

Of course the first thing Alex said was, "This is not a realistic picture because no one surfs in a dress!" Haha 

We saw a fisherman catch a baby shark! 

flying back to Seattle


  1. Awwww!!!!! Looking at all those pics makes me wish you guys were back here again already. It makes me miss you guys even more. Now I know how you feel when you read my blog.

  2. Those pictures from the plane over Denver were amazing! I wish we could have joined you guys on the boat a couple times! Life's a little crazy right now with Matt in school. Miss you guys! PS Great idea on the crockpot meals!