Wednesday, October 10

...and baby makes three!

"first comes love 
then comes marriage
then comes the baby in the baby carriage"

Our baby in the baby carriage is coming sooner than we really planned but we are so excited!

Our sweet bean's arrival date is April 4th (as of now). 
Which means:
1.) My first year of teaching will end at spring break
2.) We will celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary with a one month old

3 of the 4 pregnancy tests I took!
I think I was in shock and didn't quite believe the first couple..

I actually didn't really believe it until this sonogram on August 16th.
Sweetest moment so far.
Ben held my hand while we listened to our sweet bean's heartbeat for the very first time.
This day our due date changed from March 20th to April 4th.

My first trimester was pretty brutal.
Morning sickness hit hard right at 8 weeks, which also happened to be the first week of school in my first year of teaching!
lots of morning sickness. lots of puking. lots of heartburn. lots of tears. & very hungry all the time.
I was finally able to pinpoint that if I didn't allow myself to get hungry I wouldn't throw up! Only problem was I would get hungry about every hour...
I woke up at least two times each night (and still do most nights) with extreme hunger pains & had to force down some sort of meal.
My most common middle of the night meal was cereal or toast around 1am & a baked potato around 3am.
Although I didn't have much fun during these tough weeks, I tried to stay positive & thank God constantly for the blessing of this sweet baby.
I tried to see my nauseous moments & burning insides as a sign that there's life growing inside of me.
My baby belly didn't really make it's appearance until 14.5 weeks.
At 15 weeks, my seventeen third graders noticed it right away.
My third graders are so sweet & precious & so excited about the baby.
They love praying for the baby and asking me the changes in the baby each week.
Recently they have begged me to let them vote on a name for the baby! 


  1. I love these updates and hearing about everything. Keep it up, we love you and miss you guys so much, especially now that your going to have a baby.

  2. Bri, your gonna have to get better at posting pics and blog updates with a baby on the way! If you're still feeling sick, keep saltine crackers by the bed and eat some before getting up. Also I heard ginger and peppermint help with nausea. For me it was keeping mint chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer and eating just a spoonful when I felt nauseous. That worked the best! No wonder you didn't show for so long, you didn't have enough food in your belly, poor thing! So fun to see a baby bump now! We can't wait! He'll be 2 years younger than Ty!