Friday, June 22

Whistler Village

For our one year anniversary we took a trip up to Whistler Village in British Columbia, Canada. 
(Which is now my favorite place on the planet.)
It was Memorial Day weekend and the weather was absolutely perfect. 
Whistler Village is only a four and a half hour drive from Seattle and the drive is breathtaking! 
The drive takes you through Northern Washington, past Mt. Baker in Bellingham, then through customs at the Canadian Border. After that you drive through downtown Vancouver, British Columbia and then onto the Sea-to-Sky Highway on the coast of Canada. 
The view is like nothing I've seen before! 
Canadian Border!

Vancouver, BC

We kept forgetting we were in a different country
(because we drove into the country-- not flew)
until we'd see a Canadian flag or a road sign we didn't understand!

Sea-to-Sky Highway!
(Bethany, you would need a barf bag for sure!)
I couldn't stop taking pictures because it was so beautiful! 
All these photos are through the front windshield of the car 

We couldn't figure out what language that was?


The front of the resort we stayed at 

Whistler had bright, beautiful flowers everywhere!

View from our room window 

cute little tourist ;) 
I thought the trashcans were really cool (Ben thought I was stupid! Haha!)
They have to keep all of their trash locked up like this because of bears!!

Our resort!

Whistler Olympic Village
2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics were hosted here

Huge playground in the middle of the village! 
More of the playground

Whistler Village Skatepark
and ride park (below)

Ben spent hours here! He had so much fun!

The bike trails had little tree forts and jump parks all over the place! 

We rode our bikes on a long mountain trail called "Tin Pants".
The mountain bike trails become the cross country ski trails in the winter

Gorgeous view on the bike trail! 

Of course we had to kiss because the view was just so beautiful! Haha! 
Notice the little Christmas tree..

We left our mark! We looked for something
 to hang but didn't have anything
"Tin Pants" eventually led us to this beautiful lake!

We were really close to jumping in!!
This is a ski lift for one of the slopes --during the summer they convert
 it to a mountain bike park and the chair lift will take your bicycles all the way up
 to the top with you so you can ride down! It was really cool to watch the bikers come
flying down! Ben wanted to try so bad but didn't have the correct protective gear
(most of the bikers were suited up head to toe  with padded clothing and helmets).
It looked really intense! We saw so pretty bad wipe-outs!

Ben wanted to get his helmet and come back here to ride! 

It was really funny to see skiers and snowboarders
everywhere because it was 70 degrees out
but Whistler has glacier skiing & boarding until late August! 

Ben, getting some air!  

The jammies say "bear cheeks" on the bootie! 

Walking through the village! 

Olympic Park 
Ben is reading all the the gold, silver, and bronze medal winners

enjoying a cuban cigar!

The water fountains are made for dogs and humans!

Swiss chocolate flower! It was so delicious!
My plan was to eat half before dinner and
the other half after dinner...but it was gone
before we even got to the restaurant! 

We did a ziptreking tour the morning of our anniversary!
The tour was four and a half hours long & is
comprised of five ziplines connected by treetop suspension
bridges through the mountains. 
It doesn't look like we're that high but we really are!
That's me! 

Me, again! 

We found this tree with claw markings from a bear!
It was really cool to see!
That's Ben hanging upside down on the longest zipline!
This zipline is 2200 feet long and drops over 20 stories
Ben, again!

Circular rainbow! We didn't think we'd be able to catch it on camera
because the sun was so bright but we did!

We found a really cool forest with huge, tall trees!

skipping rocks in the creek 

just hanging out  

Check out these videos! 

Ben in the ride park

Look at the air this guy gets!!!

Ben in the ride park

Ben took the camera with him when on the zipline
and this is what he recorded! 

Here are some other pictures from my phone!
View from our room window
Peak-to-Peak gondola ride!
We didn't get to do it this time but definitely want to sometime.
The gondola ride holds the record for the longest free span
between ropeway towers at 1.88 miles long
and is 1,430 feet above the Fitzsimmons Creek & the valley floor.
They even have glass bottom gondolas!

A really fun pub in the village!
They have live music every evening and the food is so delicious.
We had dinner there one night and then picked it up for take out
our last night there
Our pretty resort! 
Peak-to-Peak Gondola
(This picture is from a poster!) 
Another picture of the pub

See why Whistler is my new favorite place on the planet?

I am so blessed to be married to Ben. He is the kindest, sweetest, most patient & understanding man I have ever met. He loves me far far better than I could ever love and he continuously chooses to put my feelings and needs above his own. Most importantly, he points me to the cross of Jesus Christ and loves Him more than he loves me. Being married to Ben has been wonderfully fulfilling and redemptive. 
I thank God continuously for the best friend and husband that He gave me. 
Happy one year to us! 


  1. Ok! I officially want to go there sooo bad now. Every single picture looked gorgeous. You guys are very lucky getting to experience stuff like that. And I officially miss you all even more now. Can't wait to see you soon.

  2. Agreed with it being one of the most beautiful places ever! We went to British Columbia our first year we were married (Ryan has family that lives out in your neck of the woods in Seattle!) and it is GORGEOUS!! I can't remember exactly where we were--they had hanging baskets EVERYWHERE with gorgeous flowers. It was beautiful!