Monday, June 25

Rock and Roll

Ben & I ran the Rock and Roll Seattle Half Marathon on Saturday. 
We had so much fun!
This was Ben's first half marathon & my second one.
The weather called for 55 degrees and raining so we dressed appropriately, however there was no rain and it was definitely not 55 degrees. 
In fact, we had a ton of sunshine! We were so excited and so thankful that God held the rain out until literally 30 mins after the race ended! 
BUT, needless to say, we were sweating like crazy during the race---but i'll take that any day over running 13.1 miles in the rain! 
35,000 people raced on Saturday.
Ben beat his goal of finishing 13.1 miles in one hour and forty-five minutes and he finished in
one hour and forty-three minutes!!!!!!
He is soo awesome! That is great time! 
He finished #568 out of 14,089 (There were 14,089 runners running the half-marathon)
Unfortunately, I did not beat my goal of finishing 13.1 miles in two hours and twenty-three minutes (my finishing time in my last half-marathon) 
I finished in two hours and thirty minutes exactly! 
So I only missed my goal by seven minutes--not that bad. I definitely felt like this race was more difficult than the last half I ran mainly because I didn't train for this race as much as I had for the last one AND this race was very hilly! There was a significantly steep hill at mile 5, another at mile 9, mile 11 and the worst hill right at the mile 13 marker
Even though my finishing time was longer than my last finishing time, I know that I did improve on my speed/pace and my running was stronger. I hit mile marker 11 right at 2 hours of running and that is where I crashed! I truly felt like my body had been hit by a semi-truck and that my legs were 1,000 lbs each. I could not run anymore and because of that, the remaining 2.1 miles took me 30mins to complete! 
I will definitely train better for our next race and try to beat my goal again! 
I finished #8,472 out of 14,089. 

Lisa Hallett carries a flag for her husband, Capt. John Hallett, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2009 as she runs in the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon on Saturday, June 23, 2012. She was running with the Wear Blue, Run to Remember group.

Cheerleaders, families, marching bands, and several other groups of people were
on the sidelines all throughout the race course holding signs and cheering all of the runners on!
Some of the signs were really funny!!

Ben stretching out his knee at 6:00am

Our race shirts, race bibs, and finishing medals!
Ben got me new running shoes at the expo for our next race!

We stayed at the Hilton in downtown Seattle on friday night because our
race time was 7:00am and we had to catch the monorail downtown at 5:30am because of road blocks
We both had so much fun and can't wait to run our next one! 
We are going to try to make it a goal to run a half marathon every year to help us stay in shape.
You should have seen how we were walking after the race.....


  1. GOOD FOR YOU GUYS! I can't believe you would run 13 miles like that. Way out of my league Haha. Can't wait to see ya'll and hear about who Bri decides to work for. since everyone wants her.

  2. Way to go guys! Matt and I are planning on training for a half marathon after he's done with school. I'll have to get some pointers from you! So glad you finally updated your blog. Love seeing all the pictures!