Monday, March 19

we are blessed.

Due to extreme homesickness lately, i'm going to spend some blog time bragging on all our nieces & nephews. 
Ben and I are crazy blessed to have such an amazing family(on both sides) and such perfect little nieces & nephews---perfect to us, at least!  
We have learned so much from all our siblings about raising children and discipling children & we are just so thankful to be apart of their lives and have the opportunity to watch them grow. 
Being this far away has literally broken our hearts and i'm not sure the aching will ever fade.. BUT we trust our sweet Savior and know that He is the one who has called us and led us to a life waaaayyyyy over here, so we have faith that He knows what he's doing & that what he's doing is the best for us (even we don't always feel like it is). 
So in the meantime, I find some bit of comfort looking at their sweet smiling faces in photos and long for the day to get to snuggle & kiss all over them again! 
From oldest to are our sweet blessings! 
Ethan Gabriel- now 10 years old

Alexandra Renee- now 7 years old

Elizabeth "Libby" Jane- now 3 years old

Phoenix Anne- now 2 years old

Hudson Jude- now almost 2 years old

Annebell "Annie" Marie- now 1 1/2 years old 

Tyler "Ty" James- now 11 months old 
 AND, we have two more on the way, both due in September!!

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