Wednesday, March 14

"apartment sweet apartment"

We are finally somewhat settled in to our cozy little humble abode. It's been fun being able to decorate and actually unpack some of our wedding gifts (from almost nine months ago) for the very first time. But being in an apartment is still somewhat of a tease... Because it's just a "temporary" living space for us, Ben & I felt it was probably of better judgement not to go all out and paint a ton of walls different colors and hang a hundreds photos everywhere, even though deep down inside that's what i really really want to do! So I guess gradually my dreams will begin to come true, which is probably best on the budget anyways :) I absolutely love home decor and have dreamed about how I would fill the walls of my home one day, literally since I was a little girl. I have organized file folders with labels reading "master bed & bath" , "nursery & children's rooms", "kitchen", "dining room", "laundry room", etc. where i've collected magazine tear-outs and other forms of inspiration that i've come across over the years.. kind of like a "old-fashion" Pinterest! 

Anyways, welcome to our home! (notice the photos were taken in february but are just now making their debut!) 
our little living room--it was february which is why there's a valentine's banner hanging above the fireplace!
our bar--we spent some good $$ at ikea when were first got here so we decided to wait to buy a dining room table and chairs till a later date & to just get barstools for now. So the bar top is usually where we eat!
kitchen view from the barstools

my cookbooks!  
going into our pantry--highlight is our calendar! We didn't have one of our own last year so it's an extra special treat this year! 
so thankful to have a pantry!! We got one of the few apartments that have a pantry (and an air conditioning unit!) 
my sweet father-in-law got us all P-Touch labelers for Christmas--he knows me too well :)
more labels..
and more!  
our pantry is so huge that we were able to fit a dresser in it for extra storage! We do not keep clothes in the pantry dresser though. i promise!  
we keep travel mugs in there... and table linens, cookie cutters & other baking supplies, tupperware, and two whole drawers full of board games and playing cards!
kitchen sink with filtered water--credit to ben!
our bathroom
i love the granite counter tops!
our "laundry closet"--not quite a laundry room, but i love it!  & since this photo I have added hooks to hang the broom and swifter & an extra shelf 
our office area--i've recently added some things to this area, too but i'm still working on making it a neat, organized & efficient work place
our bedroom
we're still waiting to buy a headboard/bed frame
our dresser from ikea
finding space in the closet for two has been another adventure-- we added an extra bar so we could hang additional clothes on the bottom--believe it or not, my hubby has more clothes than me! (at  least more that hang..)

we got bed risers for our bed so we could use the underneath for shoe storage and for other clothing items that didn't fit anywhere else!
Well that's where we call "home"..for now at least! We have a great back porch, too with an incredible sunset view, but it was rainy and yucky outside the day I was taking pictures so I didn't include it. We'll save that for another day!

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