Friday, March 30

R is for Rain

"rain, rain, go away! come again some other day
 we want to go out and play!" 

Washington is very very wet these days. Pretty. But very very wet. 
I've always enjoyed rainy days when you're "forced" to stay inside in your pjs all day & be lazy & eat & watch a ton of movies...but lately, that's been everyday and the thrill is gone. 
But, the best is yet to come and it will so be worth our wait!
Here are some photos i've found (they help me get through the yucky, dark, rainy days) 
Enjoy Seattle!
i thought this was fun! 

Fresh Market & Puget Sound

the original starbucks!
sunrise in seattle

Elliot Bay
commuter ferry--imagine this ride everyday! 

Mt Rainier from plane

washington coast
orcas in the sound

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