Wednesday, February 1

we have arrived!

We flew into Washington on a pretty Tuesday afternoon. The flights were long & sad because we knew we held a one-way ticket.. Nicole & Sam took us to the airport in Knoxville that morning. It was really difficult to say goodbye. Ben & I both lost it in airport check-in line.
our tearful, sad faces just after boarding our flight in knoville

our mountain!! (Mt. Rainer) from the airplane window when we landed in seattle

When we arrived to the SEA-TAC airport we were greeted by familiar, smiling faces- Bethany & Ashley! It was so nice to see them since the day had been kind of gloomy and sad.

We got to spend a few days with dad, Peter & Bethany, and Scott & Ashley, and then Uncle John came out a week or so after that! It was fun and soo nice to be able to gradually say goodbye to everyone rather than lose them all at once. It think it was better for our hearts that way.

seattle lights from our restaurant window in alki beach 

ben got seafood!! (and he hated seafood, until we moved here!)
..horrible photo of myself but i had to post it because i was so proud of my new seafood eater! 
Ben & I spent our first two nights in Seattle at a hotel because we didn't have bed linens or anything to sleep with/on. Finally, when our sheets arrived (we sent them from Knoxville to the shop in WA) we got to "move in" to our apartment, except that our sheets & pillows were all we had! It was fun, though! The  beginning of our adventures!
our sweet sheets on the floor! 
And here's our empty apartment... I'm sure it will look more cozy once the mover's bring all of our stuff!

kitchen & entry way

kitchen (with granite counter tops!!!) 

pantry (we have one of the few apartments with a pantry!)

coat closet (definitely a must in washington)


laundry room
And some gorgeous sunsets from our apartment window & from the shop
from our apartment window

oh, sunsets in the pacific northwest !

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