Sunday, November 6

seattle's sunshine

We are visiting Seattle for a couple weeks so Ben can get some work/training done for his new job and so we can look for housing. So often we're told that Seattle (well, the whole state of Washington) is, "So horrible during the winter because it rains every single day", but we have yet to witness that. I'm sure it will come, though! At least, some rain!
I didn't bring my camera cord so I can't yet upload photos from this trip but here are some from our September trip out here, to the beautiful state of Washington! 
Mt Rainer from our plane window
the farmers market

street performers

the original Starbucks at Pikes Place

my hot man whale watching in Puget Sound

Seattle Aquarium 

more street performers

Alaskan cruise ship docked at Puget Sound (taken from our hotel balcony)

sweet abygail taylor 

Snoqualmie Falls

me with all our luggage!

The Space Needle
the famous Duck Tours
The Public Market (scene from the movie Sleepless in Seattle)
fresh seafood @ the market

a crazy (chewed) bubble gum wall

Puget Sound

Boeing Flight Museum 
giant sunflowers in a courtyard 
ducks hanging out at the winery 
 Chateau Ste Michele winery

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